How the Meaning of Success Can Ruin Your Life -- and What We Can About It

When we decided to become a professional (read lawyer, doctor, dentist, teacher), we imagined a life of good things. A good income, a nice home, a rewarding career and, well, a really good life.

What we are not told is that if we follow the path of most "successful" professionals as promoted by our wider culture, that we will end up fat, depressed, with suffering personal relationships, and ongoing financial stress.

We will most likely end up totally unhappy and feeling trapped by all of it.

We play the game that we should and end up losing a lot.

We create a life as cluttered with unwanted bill payments, obligations, lease payments as our homes are cluttered with things.

We have been "keeping up with the Joneses." For some of us, we didn't even realize it.

The answer? To de-Jones our lives.

Who Are the Joneses Anyway?

Some people call it keeping up with the Joneses, others call it the consensus reality, and others call it our western cultural values.

Remember the idea of the "Joneses"?

We spend years and years amassing a large house or nice condo, cars, gadgets, appliances, matching dishes, computers, etc. only to then drastically reduce the amount of things we own later in life.

How about bypassing that whole accumulation then de-accumulation cycle and live a life of more simplicity and meaning?

We can start from within and make changes over time. These changes add up and make a difference faster than we think.

Just like how opening a window can dramatically change the experience of your home, opening spaces in your life and mind can and will change the experience of your life. 

Even small changes a bit at a time will make a huge difference. 

Meet Val:
The Nonconforming Professional

After my first 6 months of de-Jonesing my life:

My home is way cleaner and clutter free. I have lost over 45 pounds. I have started saving money. I am growing spiritually and emotionally.

Although I continue to struggle like everyone else and there are days when I am not so happy and other days where I feel very sad indeed, I have seen amazing changes.

I have incorporated the changes and suggestions in this website to my own life. My life did not turn around overnight, but it has started to turn around in a huge way after only 6 months.

Without even realizing it, I (like so many other "successful" people I know), was on a soul sucking destructive path for years and it was getting worse and worse.

It took a relatively short amount of time to turn around the years of destruction that had been building up. 

Written by Val Hemminger, the nonconforming professional

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