How to be Successful:  
Your Starter Kit

After all this talk about being non-conforming . . . I also get it that we really want to do well in whatever way we approach our career or work in life, or even living our life.

This part is about conforming in certain ways in order to succeed. 

I call this the professional starter kit, because hopefully it holds some advice that will, hopefully, help you succeed.

Avoiding the Traps Blocking Our Journey in How to Be Successful:

Being non-conforming is about taking our education, skills, or drive and putting it all to good use in a way that supports our lives (and the lives of those we love). It is about creating a life of being whole. It is about avoiding the brutal cost of “keeping up with the Joneses” and not even realizing it.

At the same time that we are avoiding the above brutal traps, we still want to be good at our jobs and know how to be successful. I am suggesting that we want to conform too, at least to a certain extent.

Being non-conforming does not mean giving up on being good at what we do. It is important for us to remember that we did become professionals for a reason. We want to do well. 

The challenge facing so many professionals (particularly when they were at the beginning of their careers) is that they want to do their professions well and yet, our professional schools (be it law school, medical school or what have you) does virtually nothing to prepare us for the career of actually working in our field. 

So, yes, I am saying that there are certain things that I wish I was told or advised about as I began my career. Things I learned about while working as a lawyer that I wish I had known while coming out of the gate. 

Oh sure, there were obvious things that I did not need to be told, like keeping clean fingernails, wearing clean clothes etc., but there were many other things that I had to learn on the way, things that were not so obvious to me. 

I had to learn this stuff only by first falling flat on my face really hard (it still hurts).

If there were a book, course, magazine, or blog with practical information about how to be successful (well, maybe not a blog as it was the mid 90s), I would have read and absorbed that material to help me succeed. Like most other folks on the track to becoming a professional, I was a good student after all.

Only there was not the course available (at least that I noticed).  

So, I am hoping to share some information on this page.

Here are 2 Lessons I learned from my business coach Gabe.

This is How to make your work day go faster.

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