Your Dream Life By Your Own Design

How do you design your dream life?  If you draw an analogy between the home you live in and the life you live in you can immediately see how life by design is important. What does your dream life look like?

Before you get swept up in keeping up with the Joneses, you may want to consider the benefits of living a simple life and figure out the best way to incorporate simple living ideas  into your life that include one of the most important rules of DO NOT USE CONSUMER CREDIT EVER.

I did not think that my whole definition of “success” may cost me my happiness, health, and relationships. 

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or house, a lot of thought, care and attention went into its design. Someone, at some time, thought about how the humans that reside within your space would live, eat, sleep, play and love.

Most of us do not take the same kind of care in designing our lives. I know I didn’t. I made assumptions about success without even questioning the sanity of the model of success in the first place.

I got caught up in assumptions about what a dream life was and what success was. I created a life where I was keeping up with the Joneses and I didn't even realize it.   Then I began to search for alternatives for simple living.

What about looking at your dream life as one that must be designed or “architectured”? Design your life as you would your dream home.

Sure, many of us have the “stuff” of our dreams, like more money, a nice home, a good car. At the same time, we wonder what happened to our ecstatic moments and enjoyment of life?

Once I realized that I could design my life and that it was up to me to do so, this realization had a huge impact on the direction my life has taken. Life is not something that happens to people, it is something they can make happen.

Written by Val Hemminger, the nonconforming professional

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