How to Make Your Work Day Go Faster

We have all done it.  Watching the time slowly tick by as we are dying to end our work for the day and get on with our real lives.


Of course as we do this, the time seems to snail by.


We are thinking we would love to do anything somewhat more interesting, like get a drink of water, go to the bathroom, have a snack, return a text message, do a tweet . . . . well . . . do anything, but continue putting in the time. Sometimes we manage to do some of these things only to see that almost no time has actually gone by.


The painful art of waiting until the day ends  . . . .


The snail pace of time continues.


And continues.


Ready to know how to make time go by fast?


It is dead simple.


It is simple, but not necessarily easy.


Here it is. What we do is we focus on the service we are providing rather than the time we are putting in.


Of course, some will say that this may be easy for a lawyer to say because our jobs are supposedly challenging and rewarding. Yeah, okay, that may be true.


Yet this lawyer was a student for years and as a student I held lots of part-time relatively low-skilled labor-related jobs. Like serving in restaurants, bartending, washing dishes, cook’s helper, chamber maiding (wow, I really really hated that job so it lasted like a day), pumping gas, retail sales clerk, grocery cashier, “sandwich artist” (detested that job a lot too). You get the idea.

When we think about who we are serving and doing excellent full-hearted work in the moment, that is when we get true satisfaction.


The same is true for making our kids’ lunches, etc.


So, when we move our eyes off the clock and into being of true service to those we serve, everything changes, and time flies.

Some Real Examples?

So, my dear friend, who serves food to patients at a hospital and often finds it tedious and boring (especially because she has to measure the temperature of everything at every moment with weency thermometers) says that when she talks to and thinks about the patients she serves, that the day goes by faster. It is more enjoyable too she says. In essence she gets way more into it. Oh, and the time flies.


When hosting in restaurants, the true magical host engages wholeheartedly with their clientele. They focus exclusively on their comforts and wants. Again, time flies. And a job is well done.

So There it is:

When we move away from thoughts about our own lives and move into being present and mindful in our work and in helping our clients and others we come into contact with, it changes everything.


We feel good about what we do and feel good about the time. And the time goes by.

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Do you have a story about how your time went faster when you were in service? If so please, share below. Would love to hear from you.



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