What is Living With Intention?

What is living with intention? Some would say, it is the opposite of living by accident. Others would say it is the opposite of living life on auto-pilot.


For some, it means planning our lives, practicing wellness, playing with abandon, laughing, continuing to learn, doing what we love, living every day to its fullest and finally, planning what our lives are going to look like and taking the steps to make that life happen.


Because it is a new year, so many of us have looked back at the past year only to see that we have not been living with intention to the degree that we have wanted.


Just one glance at Zen Habits by Leo Babauta or the minimalist websites has me feeling that living with intention in this past year did not happen nearly as much as I thought it should.


When I see the fact that Leo Babauta from Zen Habits makes his living by is blog, home schools and unschools his kids, has been traveling a lot, and ran his first ultra-marathon in this past year, I am humbled to the point of not feeling so great about myself.


When I take stock, I see that yet another year has passed me by with my goals eluding me:


  • I have not made one red cent from any passive income that I have created;
  • I have not created a product that I can sell passively (like the kids book I have been working on for bits here and there over the past few years);
  • I still have to go to my office/court on a very full-time basis in order to earn a living and I do not see an end in site to this happening;
  • 10 + pounds of the 40 I lost have crept back on over the past holiday season.


Oh my, not so great I think.


It goes back to my whole idea about the hero and how I will never be able to be anything like the people I truly admire. The feeling is that I feel like I have fallen so short.


But hold on a second. Wasn’t my point this whole past year about taking control of my health, relationships, life and trying to be rather than do so much?


So, I took stock of what I have accomplished in this past year:


  • I have still lost 30+ plus pounds;
  • I have gotten way way fitter than I had in years by simply going to an intense gym class 2 x per week and have been doing this consistently for the year;
  • My marriage and family seems to be back on track;
  • I have simplified my finances;
  • I have simplified my living space;
  • I have obtained the refinance for my office that I so desperately needed.
  • I have gotten hold of a lot of my addictive behaviors;
  • I have attended therapy on a consistent basis and have dealt with some old childhood problems in a significant way;
  • I have grown emotionally and tremendously so;
  • I have started a dedicated forgiveness practice of ho’oponopono which has transformed my being and my life;
  • I have learned to listen to the people I love in a way I was not able to in the past;
  • I have read about the lives of heroes like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela and learned from them; and
  • I have lived entirely gluten free.


So, time to cut myself some slack. In the end, it looks like I was living with intention. I have transformed.


Wishing you the best year.

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