Nature:  Its so Natural

“Nature! Its All Over Me!” - Melman the giraffe from the movie, Madagascar

What is it about the pad of feet on a soft ground of needles that sounds and feels so awesome?


We all like to think of ways to make us happy, more balanced, or even nicer as people.


One sure-fire way to do that is to tap into the experience of nature. We are pretty lucky living in Victoria, British Columbia because nature is literally at our door for many of us.


Do you ever notice it is not possible, to take a walk along a forest path and not come out a better person?


Whether you live in a city, a suburb, or a smaller town, nature can and may be any small speck.


It may be that tree in a bonsai pot.


It may be that small patch of trees at the local park.


It may be a path growing alongside a highway.


For me, being in nature is the only time I just am.


When in nature, I am not planning the next thing I am doing or wondering about what I did last. I am not hungry. I am not craving anything.  It is the only time that I can simply breathe and be struck by the beauty of it all.


The call of a raven touches something deep that I cannot even begin to understand.


My theory is that the reason we are so happy when in nature is because of the fact that our ancestors (and some would argue the original incarnations of our souls) have spent the majority of time over the millennia in nature rather than in concrete and industrialized worlds.


I am really coming to believe it is our true home.

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