Presenting Non-Conformity:  Designing an Awesome Life by Really Thinking About It

What is non-conformity really and how do we make it happen when there is so much pressure to conform in our lives.  I always thought I was someone who did not conform.  I believed that I designed my own life.  Yet I became a professional and jumped on the bandwagon of conformity without even realizing it.  And it almost killed me.   Literally.  I became devastatingly depressed.

The online Free Dictionary defines non conformity as the refusal or failure to conform to accepted standards, conventions or laws. 

The thing is that being a person who does not conform takes courage and creativity.  It is like swimming against the tide of people insisting upon living a life of gadgets, upgrades and mediocrity.  A lot of people (and I would say most) live this way without even realizing there can be another choice or other choices. 

Chris Guillebeau writes the book called The Art of Non Conformity:  Set Your Own Rules; Live the Life You Want.  I say if you read at all, read it.  Even you read a little, read it. 

Guillebeau suggests striking harmony between doing good things for yourself while making the world a better place for others.  He outlines the power of frugality and how that opens up a whole world of choice for people.  Chris is not suggesting that people fight authority for the sake of it.  He says that people can challenge conventional wisdom (ie. Don’t wait until you retire to live, but live now and realize the consumer traps) and set their own rules.  This allows people to live with purpose.

He not only suggests that you can challenge conventional wisdom, he shows you how to do it in small steps and larger, gutsier steps.

Chris recognizes that people unwittingly sacrifice their health, relationships and happiness as they conform to an ideal that does not work.  He says you know you are on the right path if you are in good health, your relationships are in good health, you are excited about your work and you regularly engage in healthy challenges and adventures.

Like Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week Guilllebeau suggests that we potentially create passive income and remove the idea of busy work in our lives.

He also says that we can have what we want in life, but not everything all at the same time.  He suggests prioritizing and stopping everything else.

Written by Val Hemminger, the nonconforming professional

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