The Answer to Quick Fitness:
de-Jonesing Your Body with Ridiculous Efficiency

Considering the Kettle-Bell Workout When Thinking About Quick Fitness

Quick fitness or fitness on the quick. It is something that most professionals could hugely benefit from.

As is the case with many professionals, when a person is busy, really busy, it is often so easy to let your fitness go. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the many obligations of a cluttered work and life schedule so much so that fitness takes a back seat or gets removed from life all together.

Because they are often A+ personality types, a lot of professionals think about getting into a fitness or exercise program later when they have more time -- when they have time to exercise daily or almost every day.  They think that there is no point in exercising unless they have a really good exercise and fitness plan in place that requires a good cardio portion and a strength-training portion.  It all comes down to the fact that by the time they go to the gym, do their workout, shower, return home or to the office, an inordinate amount of the precious hours in their day have been used up.

Ultimately, what ends up happening is that they don’t even bother to do virtually anything in order to keep their fitness.

The Not So Huge Time Commitment

Sure, sure we have all heard the old adage that if you do not make time for health you will have to make time to be sick. Despite knowing that this may be true, the issue is that there is just not enough time in the day.

Nobody Said it Was Going to Be Easy

The thing is that in order to get fit and stay fit, one of the greatest things to do is to do is not get leisure mixed up with exercise or fitness.

In order for your exercise experience to be really effective, you have to really focus on high intensity work.

Enter the kettle-bell workout and the mother of all kettle-bell workouts, the kettle-bell swing.

There is nothing leisurely about the kettle-bell swing.  Leisure activities, unlike the kettle-bell swing are fun, relaxing and enjoyable, not to mention good for you.  Going for a walk in the woods, playing baseball, roller-blading, snowboarding, or playing water polo are all awesome and fun leisure experiences, but are not the most efficient way to exercise.

Spending an hour in nature will fill a person’s soul, be unquestionably good for them, and make life worth living.  It does not, however, give that person awesome abs, a strong back, and an intense cardio workout that develops flexibility and coordination.  It just doesn’t.

Quick fitness is about intense, not so fun, effective, exercise.  Some people refer to adhering to this kind of a program as one that adheres to the minimum effective dose as it relates to exercise. 

It is about focusing on the different muscle groups. don’t know a lot about exercise, but over the last 6 months, I have built (at 46 years old) probably the best butt I have ever had.  I have done this with not only limited exercise, but with ensuring I am not over-exercising.

I am getting more bang for my buck in terms of the time I spend.

So, the thing about quick fitness is to not worry about killing yourself in the gym and spending hours and hours doing so.  What you do is kill yourself in short and intense spurts.In walks the kettle-bell swing.

Don’t worry about logging the hours at the gym while your precious days and time are already filled up with many obligations with carting kids around, working at your job, running errands, dealing with your finances etc.  The thing is that we all have the same 24 hours in each and every day.  You want to be effective in how you use your time.  It is true that not finding time to exercise will have a bad effect for you later in life.  At the same time, think of quick fitness that is effective. 

In walks the kettle-bell. 

The Kettle-bell:  The Quick Fitness Answer 

What is the kettle-bell?  It is a cast-iron weight resembling a cannonball with a handle.  It is used to perform exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

Some say the kettle-bell is a training tool dating back to 18th century Russia while others say it dates as far back as ancient Greece. It is a funny looking round weight with a handle on it. 

The exercises typically done with the kettle-bell are known as ballistic exercise moves, also known as power training.

Such training has been used among elite athletes.  Ballistic comes from the Greek word, ballein, which means to throw.

Kettle-bell workouts usually facilitate ballistic or swinging movements.  Kettle-bells have a center of mass extended beyond the hand and allow for swing movements and release moves with added safety.  There is also added grip, wrist, arm and core strengthening due to the shifting fill material within the kettle-bell itself (this shifting sand-like material is not present in all kettle-bells).

Although it is uber important to make sure you use the right form (many images and instructional videos are available on the net), kettle-bells are safe and very effective if used correctly.  They are basically guaranteed to take you to the next level of fitness regardless of where you are in terms of fitness level.  They build a ridiculously awesome posterior. Quick fitness steps to really making a difference.


Unlike the exercises with dumbbells or barbells, kettle-bell exercises often involve large numbers of repetitions which makes them easy to learn and easy to master.  They work several muscles simultaneously.  They not only work the  muscles, they are aerobic in nature.

Unlike traditional weight training, kettle-bell training is great because it includes a significant cardiovascular component.  The exercise is intense with short breaks.

After even a few weeks of working with kettle-bells (and I am only talking a couple or three workouts a week if even that much) you will notice a significant difference in your strength, joint mobility, body awareness, coordination, cardiovascular health . . . .   and did I mention the butt? 

And The Mother of All Kettle-bell Exercises:
The Kettle-bell Swing

This is the foundation exercise of the kettle-bell. Seriously, look it up to make sure you do it right.  It is quick fitness at its best and doing it right has ridiculous pay offs.  The only real down side is that it does look a little silly and although it has sexy results, it is not the sexiest to watch.

The 7 Top Kettle-bell Swing Benefits

 1.  Cheap!

These little units don’t cost very much at all and you don’t have to go to the gym to use them. Mine was $75 and I only have one.  I have gotten many a workout for that cost.  Nothing compared to what a gym membership, exercise bike, elliptical trainer, rowing machine will cost. 

2.  Perfect the Butt

The swing builds the perfect posterior.  They work out the glutes, the core and the back.  And did I mention how great it makes a butt look? That is a lot of return for some swings.

3.  So good for the Core

The swing works the core muscles. It helps you build a stable foundation for lots of sports and other activities like living your life and looking good. We have all known for a long time that crunches are dumb and don’t really do a thing for us in terms of strength.  Swings are a great answer to building real abdominal strength.  

4. Even You Have the Time

Swings are ridiculously efficient. You do strength training, core training, coordination training and cardio all at once and in a few short minutes.

5. Brutal but Effective

Swings get the heart rate up fast and are the superstar exercise for  quick fitness.  Minute for minute you are getting a heck of a workout.

6. Save that Back

When done right, the swing strengthens the back and develops endurance in the back which then reduces the chance of injury in a huge way.

7.  A massive fat melter

Maybe a bit of a graphic description – Yet true. Because of the high intensity it is a huge fat burner, and muscle builder at the same time and we all know that when we build more muscle we burn more fat even when we are resting.  Oh yeah, she says. 

8. Darn easy to learn

Look anywhere on the web and you will see lots of video demos.  They are very simple and straightforward to do.  Just because they are simple, however, does not necessarily make them easy.  They are hell of a workout even though they are short in duration.  Yet, these moves are so totally worth it. 

Written by Val Hemminger, the nonconforming professional

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