Rules for Success:  One of the Primary Keys is to Do First Things First

One of the key rules for success is to do first things first. It is getting the most important task of your day out of the way first.

Do what is most important each and every day first things first: one of the most important rules for success

Do what is important prior to doing almost anything else on any given day. Do it, first thing, in the morning, before the rest of your day starts and probably even before breakfast.

In her book, What Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, Laura Vanderkam confirms that one of the most important rules for success for really successful people is that they knock off what is important first thing in the morning. They ensure that nothing gets in the way of what really matters. They have a totally clear understanding that all kinds of urgent things can get in their way as the day progresses, but that these urgent things are way less likely to happen at 5 am, or 6 am before the rest of their family is up, or before the people who work in their office have arrived.

If you want to feel the experience of being truly successful, take what is the most important activity (or task related to your long term and important goal) and do it. More importantly, doing what is important first and moving towards your goals each day allows you to experience the feeling of being successful and the feeling of being accomplished.

For some of us, this may be getting our workout in. For others, it may be knocking off that first bit of writing or difficult reading. What doing the most important thing first is not, is mindlessly checking your email, surfing the net, or casually reading the newspaper.

Doing the most important thing first makes sure you succeed in life and makes sure you succeed towards your goals. It allows you also to fully enjoy the feeling of being successful every day of your life starting first thing in your day.

For example, as I write this, I did my workout at the gym first thing this morning. I have decided that the time has come where I can no longer put off my health and wellness goals. I have had significant health issues crop up over the last number of months and if I do not get health in order, it is clear that the consequences will be dire.

Before I did virtually anything else with my day today, I headed off to the gym for my work out. To make it clear, I do not really enjoy the gym at all, and I see the gym as a necessary evil in the dark winter months while I try to get my fitness on track. If I left my gym work out until later in the day (which I have been doing for months and years) there is always a multitude of excuses I can come up with in order to skip the gym. There are childcare responsibilities, meetings, and other more urgent things to attend to.

I have now decided that once and for all, my workouts are a priority and if I squeeze them in before the rest of my family is up and around, before my work day starts, before I can come up with a potential excuse not to do it, the workout will have been done. It will have been done before I even realize that I had not come up with any excuses to avoid doing my workout.

I have now had the pleasure and feeling of knowing that no matter what else happens with my day, I have taken care of something that is vitally important to my goals in life, I have taken care of my fitness and health for today. Now, no matter what else happens with my day, I will have this accomplishment. I have had the feeling of living one of the most important rules for success.

So, doing first things first is one of the most important rules of success.

Written by Val Hemminger, the nonconforming professional

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