The Secret to Financial Success: Don't do what the experts tell you

We think we have the secret to financial success.  We are drawn to a professional career due the promise of great cars, great vacations, gorgeous clothes, and beautiful homes.

The old adage is that if you become a professional, you will have the secret to financial success. This is because it is believed that you will be creating income continuously and lots of it. So many had us believe that being an entrepreneur was the risky choice. Maybe it is time for us to think again.

From the time we are university students there is overt and covert pressure on us to mortgage our futures by using consumer credit that ultimately devastates our futures. Our whole economy depends on it. There is pressure on us to sign up for credit cards, buy cars we do not have the money for, or buy electronics with delayed payments. This relentless pressure to spend money we do not have  never ceases.

From the time I just came out of university, if someone asked me if I was keeping up with the Joneses I would have denied it vehemently not believing it was true. Yet I had a mortgage, consumer debt, and a huge student loan.

As if this was not difficult enough, I eventually decided to build my own law firm. I purchased a strata-titled unit in a new development. I was financed to the maximum amount possible. Of course the construction cost went well beyond my wildest expectations and budget.

In order to pay for this, I increased the mortgaged our home to a significant extent and used all my available credit (and that of my husband's) – all in the interest of moving forward my “success.”

It resulted in me having crushing financial stress where for a period of 3 years I woke up virtually each and every morning with my stomach doing somersaults from the anxiety. I would awake in the middle of the night barely able to breathe because of my fear and worry about my finances.

Finally, it all came to a huge crash when in the summer of 2012 my health and well-being revolted. I was diagnosed with severe depression, adrenal gland burnout, I had addiction challenges, and I gained a bunch of weight.

Somehow my financial life had become excruciatingly stressful and complicated. It almost killed my marriage, my closest friendships and my own feelings of self worth. 

This all occurred while I was following the best advice. I read tons of books on business development, self- development, and on financial well-being. I also utilized the work of personal coaches and business coaches.Yet, I did not examine, was what the point of all this success was. 

I was always pursuing more “success.” This pursuit almost destroyed me. What I truly needed in order to get my life back was to simplify and do away with my inner Jones, what instead occurred was that my financial life became more and more complicated.

Think about and incorporate the secrets of the world class and create an awesome life.

I have started to pursue a more minimalist lifestyle and rethink what success meant, de-clutter my life full of obligations, and do away with my inner Jones.

have started to revise my life:

Written by Val Hemminger, the nonconforming professional

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